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Jon Crocker


I’m Jon

Having worked in leadership and management roles over the last four decades, I founded ICENI to focus on my passion for developing people’s potential. My partnership and accreditation with the GC Index® and the Young People Index® have enabled us to increase our impact.

We provide both commercial services and, as a social enterprise, support the development of young people to be work ready.

Our Core Services

Working with your unique needs, job description and person specifications, we will establish a profile to meet the requirements of the role and make the impact you need.

GC Index® profiles are a powerful tool for an individual to understand their natural proclivities. However, most people work in teams and need to collaborate which is where the Team Snapshot can unlock valuable insights.

Most people acknowledge that it’s not exam results that ultimately make you employable, lovable and satisfied but the skills and characteristics that you possess. Find out how you can help.

A unique collaboration that takes a holistic approach to unlocking both academic strengths and a child’s energy for impact in an engaging manner that ignites awareness and motivation.

It’s all About

Realising Your Potential

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In addition to the services we provide to businesses, charities, educational institutions and young people, we also create books. Click below for more details.

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