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Summer Jobs

Available to young people aged 18+ who attend a Project Thrive course*

Work as an Activity Leader on an international summer programme in July and August.

Pay from £400 per week plus accommodation and all meals provided.

Engaging work experience to practise your skills, grow your network, gain independence and add to your CV.

Locations include Oxford, Cambridge, London, Bath, Bournemouth, Ascot, Newbury, Windsor and more.

* If you haven’t attended Project Thrive but wish to find out more, still contact us and we can help!





Start Work

Start Work

Our Approach


We work with some of the UK’s biggest and best summer course providers. If you want to work with them, talk to us to learn more. Being an activity leader is fun but it’s also a responsible position and a chance to show off your people skills. Are you interested? Email to get started.


After our chat, if you are still keen, we will help you connect with our summer programme providers. They will interview you and give you the opportunity to tell them why you will be a great asset to their team.

Start Work

With the paperwork complete, you will travel to your summer course location and spend the summer supervising activities, leading excursions and making sure all the students have the best possible experience.

What does an Activity Leader do?

Learn more about what you can expect and what is expected of you. These are some broad guidelines but specific details will depend on where you are working.

What is it all about?

An activity leader’s role is to ensure students get the best possible experience in a fun, engaging and safe environment.

That means you will be organising and leading sports and social activities and accompanying them on excursions to other places on half and full-day trips.

You may also get involved in residential duties or even meeting students at the airport.

There is plenty of variety that needs flexibility on your part but means you have plenty of opportunities to make your best impact.

What do they expect?

They expect enthusiastic, motivated people who can work well in a team and show initiative. Also people with empathy, patience, resilience and a can-do attitude.

Someone who can stay organised, manage their time and be both responsible and reliable.

People who will interact with the students, make sure they are all involved and having fun, but also keep them safe and respecting each other and any rules.

You need to be good with children and undergo a police background check (DBS). You also need to have interests in at least one of the following – sports like football, basketball, volleyball, athletics, etc or creative activities such as arts and crafts, music, drama, etc

What can I expect?

Hard work but a lot of fun.

You’ll meet people from around the world.

You’ll work with people as part of a team and build your network of friends and contacts.

You’ll use your skills and develop new ones including communication and social skills, leadership and teamwork, time management, taking responsibility, solving problems and many more.

It will give you the chance to experience living away from home for a few weeks with free accommodation and all your meals included.

It provides an excellent addition to your CV that employers will view positively.

Finally, of course, you will be paid over £400 per week (plus holiday pay).

What do I next?

There are 3 options if you are interested.

Option 1: If you are at least 18 and attending one of our Project Thrive courses, we will talk to you about this opportunity and help you apply and prepare for your interview.

Option 2: If you are at least 18 but haven’t attended a Project Thrive course, contact us by email and we will be in touch. We can then discuss next steps with you.

Option 3: You can find these jobs yourself online and apply directly to the companies. We have given you an example of Kings Education who are an excellent team to work with.

Click here – Kings Education Summer Jobs

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