How to make a difference

We offer a different approach when it comes to supporting young people via corporate social responsibility.

We focus on the individual. Together with you and our close partners, we go on a journey with each young person to share in their successes and support them with their challenges.

It’s a more meaningful relationship that has a powerful impact on everyone involved.

Short -Term Benefits

Enhanced Brand Reputation:

Benefit: Positive public perception and brand recognition.

Measurement: Track brand sentiment and public opinion through surveys, social media sentiment analysis, and press coverage.

Employee Engagement and Satisfaction:

Benefit: Increased job satisfaction and engagement among employees who participate in mentoring or support roles.

Measurement: Conduct employee surveys to assess job satisfaction and engagement levels. Track participation rates in CSR programmes.

Local Community Relations:

Benefit: Improved relationships with the local community where the business operates.

Measurement: Monitor community feedback, participation in local events, and public sentiment.

Medium-Term Benefits

Talent Pipeline and Diversity:

Benefit: Access to a diverse and skilled talent pipeline, contributing to workforce diversity.

Measurement: Track the number of programme participants who later join the workforce and their diversity metrics.

Workforce Readiness:

Benefit: A workforce with enhanced transferable skills, leading to improved productivity and adaptability.

Measurement: Assess the impact of the programme on the workforce’s skill set through performance metrics, employee feedback, and skills assessment.

Community Impact:

Benefit: A thriving community with improved social mobility.

Measurement: Conduct surveys to gauge community members’ perceptions of changes in social mobility, access to opportunities, and the business’s role.

Long-Term Benefits

Brand Loyalty and Customer Trust:

Benefit: Loyal customer base and enhanced trust in the brand.

Measurement: Track customer loyalty, repeat business, and trust levels through customer surveys, reviews, and long-term customer behaviour data.

Innovation and Competitive Advantage:

Benefit: A culture of innovation and a competitive edge due to a skilled and adaptable workforce.

Measurement: Assess the business’s innovative capabilities, market position, and competitive advantage compared to industry peers.

Sustainable Growth and Profitability:

Benefit: Long-term sustainable growth and profitability due to a skilled, diverse, and engaged workforce.

Measurement: Analyse financial performance and profitability metrics over several years, correlating them with the investment in our CSR programmes.

Social Impact:

Benefit: A positive impact on society, contributing to positive long-term social change.

Measurement: Conduct longitudinal studies tracking social indicators related to education, employment, and social mobility in the communities where the business operates.


Discovery Call


The right fit

Creating the right fit

Ongoing feedback

Ongoing Feedback

Our Approach

Discovery Call

This is our opportunity for a no-obligation call to discuss the possibilities and answer any questions either of us may have. You can a) tell us which school(s) you want to work with or b) we can advise on schools currently seeking support. Book a call here.

Creating the right fit

Taking into account our discussions, we will now match you with the right students and programmes. This may include factors such as location, age and aspirations to create a sense of connection.

Ongoing Feedback

Throughout the programme we will keep you informed of your students’ progress. They will also keep in touch to share their successes and, where possible, we see this as a long-term relationship between you. You choose your level of involvement which can be purely as an investor in young people or as an active contributor. We will work with you in the way that suits you best.

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