Supporting Young People

Together with our partners, we work with you to provide additional free support to the young people who need it most. All staff involved have an Enhanced DBS.

Our online programmes are available all year round to young people.

Project Thrive includes work-related learning, employability, creating links with employers and personal development.

Whether it is boosting potential or developing an essential skillset, we provide the time, team and expertise. This is a transformational experience for them that changes their prospects for the better.

Short-Term Benefits for Educators

Community Engagement:

Benefit: Strengthened relationships with local businesses and the community.

Measurement: Track engagement in community events, feedback from community members, and the number of businesses involved.

Short-Term Benefits for Parents

Supportive Learning Environment:

Benefit: Children receive extra support for academic and skills development, creating a supportive learning environment.

Measurement: Parent surveys and feedback on the impact of the programme on their children.

Community Engagement:

Benefit: Engagement in school activities and connection to the local community.

Measurement: Monitor parents’ involvement in school events, PTA meetings, and feedback from community members.

Medium-Term Benefits for Educators

Student Performance:

Benefit: Improved academic and soft skill development, leading to better student performance.

Measurement: Analyse standardised test scores, grades, and feedback from teachers regarding students’ skills.

Enhanced Reputation:

Benefit: A positive image as a school that partners with businesses for student development.

Measurement: Conduct surveys among parents, students, and community members to gauge the school’s reputation.

Medium-Term Benefits for Parents

Improved Academic Performance:

Benefit: Children’s improved academic results and enhanced soft skills.

Measurement: Assess the academic performance of children, such as grades and standardized test scores.

Educational Aspirations:

Benefit: Higher educational aspirations and career ambitions for their children.

Measurement: Conduct surveys among parents to understand their children’s educational goals.

Long-Term Benefits for Educators

College and Career Readiness:

Benefit: Students are better prepared for college and future careers, which can attract more students to the school.

Measurement: Track the percentage of students attending university or entering the workforce and their success rates.

Alumni Success:

Benefit: Successful alumni who give back to the school community.

Measurement: Follow the career and community contributions of school alumni, as well as their involvement in any alumni associations.

Long-Term Benefits for Parents

University and Career Opportunities:

Benefit: Increased access to university and career opportunities for their children.

Measurement: Track the percentage of children attending university or entering the workforce and their success rates.

Parent Satisfaction:

Benefit: Higher satisfaction and involvement in their children’s educational journey.

Measurement: Conduct surveys among parents to gauge their satisfaction with the programme and its long-term impact.

Building the Foundations

Building the Foundations

Programme Delivery

Programme Delivery

Ongoing feedback

Ongoing Collaboration

Our Approach

Building the Foundations

Our preliminary conversations are about how we can support specific students and then match them with our programmes and business partners. This is free of charge and to find out more you can book a chat here.

Programme Delivery

We deliver our programmes using our own resources and experts. You do not need to find staff to cover these sessions and we will simply report back to you. If students can be available during the school day once a week, that would be perfect or we can see them ‘out of hours’.

Ongoing Collaboration

These are not a one-off events and then we disappear. Our intention is to work with you for as long as we deliver value to your students, with a kaizen approach to continuous improvement of our services.

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