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I’m Jon

I get the best out of other people and I relish finding new ways to overcome challenges.

All young people can face adverse conditions and uncertainty but for some ‘accident of birth’ can mean reduced opportunities to realise their true worth.

Having worked in education internationally and across the UK in leadership and management roles over the last four decades, I founded ICENI to focus on my passion for developing people’s potential.

In addition to my own skills, I collaborate with other experts. People whom I know, trust and share my values. My partnerships with the GC Index®, the Young People Index® and BigCause  mean we deliver even greater impact and transformational experiences.


We believe in
Gusto Grit Growth
What about you?

More about what we do

Most people acknowledge that it’s not exam results that ultimately make you employable, lovable and satisfied but the skills and characteristics that you possess. Find out how your business can help.

A unique collaboration combining the insights of the Young People Index® with the skills required by future leaders that ignite awareness and motivation. Learn more here.

BigCause delivers tutoring with heart. Completely personalised lessons to ensure academic progress is maximised. Learn more here.

The Awareness of Business Competencies programme introduces you to the foundations of success at work. Learn more here.


Realising Your Potential


We also create books. Click below for more details.

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