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Making an Impact Together

We work with businesses, charities, educators and students. 

Our corporate social responsibility activities are used to support young people in areas of low social mobility. We help them to gain self-awareness, self-confidence and a belief in the positive impact they can make in the world.


Working together to reach our goals

The Young People Index® evolved out of the GC Index®, so it’s useful to provide some background information. The GC Index® is the only Organimetric, gauging how people make their most significant impact, both as individuals and within groups.

This was instigated in response to organisations recognising that conventional methods of assessing individuals no longer aligned with the demands of the rapidly evolving work environment. What makes this especially noteworthy is that The GC Index® traces its roots back to contemporary ‘business needs,’ rather than stemming from a purely ‘academic curiosity’ about individual disparities.

At its core, The GC Index® embodies a straightforward philosophy: the inherent drive of human beings to be influential in their sphere. One can witness this drive by observing a toddler learning to walk, the relentless effort to rise after each tumble. The pursuit of influence, and occasionally mastery, is conspicuous. Some argue that this drive is a fundamental, ‘hard-wired’ aspect of our species, stemming from the necessity to survive, adapt, and thrive.

One undeniable truth is that people do not enter the workforce to feel powerless. Individuals flourish when they have a clear understanding of their role and responsibilities, allowing them to offer a valuable and influential contribution. The foundation of effective workplace performance is the clarity of expectations and the provision of accurate feedback.

For those familiar with personality profiles and psychometrics, The GC Index® may feel reminiscent, as it delves into individual disparities. However, rather than dwelling on ‘personality,’ it zeroes in on proclivity, specifically the unique differences individuals bring to the table when it comes to leaving their mark in a role, team, or organisation.

Naturally, thorough and credible research was undertaken to ascertain the validity, reliability, and practical significance of The GC Index® before its launch in 2016. Every psychological underpinning met or surpassed the standards set by the British Psychological Society. The conceptual clarity of the research guaranteed that The GC Index® was meticulously crafted around the principle that everyone possesses the potential to make a transformative, game-changing contribution.

‘You can do things that I can't do, I could do things that you can't do, but together, we'll do great things’.

Nathan OTT, Chief POlisher, the gc index®

'I believe in 3 key words to reach our potential: Gusto, Grit & Growth'


'After I completed The Young People Index® I changed my mindset. This meant I could focus in on my strengths and I wasn't just trying to be the best at everything.'

David Chukwu, Student, Coombe SIXTH FORM


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