Unlock your potential

Every single one of us can make a positive impact and contribute significantly.

That includes you.

However, we need to create a level playing field and that’s where we come in.

Along with our partners, we are going to help you progress. That might be developing the traits that future employers look for when seeking new talent (Project Thrive), or learning about key business skills. Our programmes are completely free of charge for you. We just ask that you turn up motivated and enthusiastic.

Short-Term Benefits for You

Skill Development:

Benefit: Improved academic and transferable skills development, leading to better performance.

Measurement: Student assessments, teacher feedback, and self-assessment of skill improvement.


Benefit: Increased engagement in school activities and extracurricular programmes.

Measurement: Track participation in school activities, attendance, and feedback from teachers.

Medium-Term Benefits for You

Improved Academic Performance:

Benefit: Higher grades and better academic outcomes.

Measurement: Analyse grades, standardised test scores, and teacher feedback.

Confidence and Aspirations:

Benefit: Increased confidence, educational aspirations, and career goals.

Measurement: Conduct surveys among students to understand their aspirations and self-confidence levels.

Long-Term Benefits for You

College and Career Opportunities:

Benefit: Enhanced access to higher education and successful career pathways.

Measurement: Track the percentage of students attending university or entering the workforce and their success rates.

Success and Contributions:

Benefit: Students who become successful and give back to their communities.

Measurement: Follow the career and community contributions of alumni, as well as their involvement in school activities and alumni associations.

Start of the journey

Starting the journey

Maximum Impact

Maximum Impact

Planning Ahead

Planning Ahead

Our Approach

Starting the Journey

When we start working together we will offer you self-assessments (not tests) to help you understand yourself even better (see an example here). 

Maximum Impact

Typically, we will meet once a week on either a one-to-one or small group basis at a time to suit you. This close attention is very important because we can focus on just you. It means we can make the most of your strengths and help with areas that need developing.

Planning Ahead

We don’t claim to know what the future holds but the support from us and your business sponsor exists to help you make plans. Plans that will give you the best chance to make a positive impact and realise your true potential.

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