The speed to impact and feedback I have have felt throughout the organisation when using the GC Index is amazing. People start using the language straightaway without having to understand any complex theory in a way that is entirely non-confrontational.

Trudi Adcock

Global Enterprise Learning Director, AstraZeneca (a GC Index client)

GC Index® profiles are a powerful tool for an individual to understand their natural proclivities.

However, most people work in teams and need to collaborate which is where the Team Snapshot can unlock valuable insights.

Powered by the GC Index

Organisations of every type want the best possible results, perhaps in terms of profitability and growth, but also in areas such as positive feedback from stakeholders, high staff retention and talent development.

Even the most established teams can have blind spots and when new members join it can be a challenge to ensure they make the greatest possible impact.

The best leadership will inspire confidence, optimism and genuine engagement. Staff will be empowered to make the organisation the best it can possibly be, with buy-in from staff and stakeholders.

Game Changer

We work with you to develop teams and leadership. Your people will have greater self-awareness of the impact they can make and clarity of how they all best contribute towards your business priortities.

Team Development

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