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GC Translate

GC Translate is a powerful way to refine your decisions when many other factors are virtually indistinguishable.

It doesn’t claim to be a silver bullet and works alongside your existing selection processes to offer a new perspective. A perspective that probably hasn’t been considered before but one which can help align values and goals with the best possible talent.

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Job Description Analysis


Proclivity Calibration


Ideal Profile Definition

Our Approach

Job Description Analysis

The first step is to take your job description for the post and ‘translate’ this into the 5 proclivities which we share with you.

This will show the current emphasis of the role and that may, or may not, be exactly what you are looking for. For example, is the priority planning the tasks or executing them? Is the goal to find new ways of working or to improve what already exists?

Proclivity Calibration

Once these proclivity priorities have been agreed we can review the job description and work with you to align more with your needs. That doesn’t mean wholesale change, but together we can fine-tune the content to attract exactly the talent you are looking for. 

Ideal Profile Definition

With the work we have done together, we now have an ‘ideal’ candidate profile and when it comes to your final shortlist, these can add an important extra layer to the decision-making process. There’s every chance that all of them have the qualifications and skills you require and they have all done well in the earlier interviews. GC Translate can provide the differentiation that turns a good selection into a great one.

Sales Director Job Description

If we take an example, these are the results of a Sales Director’s job description, showing the GC Translate proclivity profile.

The HR Director was quite surprised by this, as it really wasn’t the sort of person they were looking for. 

They wanted someone who would get the best out of their salespeople (a PlayMaker) and a person willing to disrupt the current processes if they could show it would bring greater value (Game Changer). However, they did want somebody who could roll their sleeves up and set high standards, so Implementer and Polisher scores were good.

The task then was to redraft the job description to take into account the other proclivities and make it more balanced and more in line with their vision for the role.

Once they had done this, they not only had a JD that accurately represented what they wanted from the role, but it was also a magnet for the right type of candidate that would be keen to apply.

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