GC Index® profiles are a powerful tool for an individual to understand their natural proclivities. However, most people work in teams and need to collaborate which is where the Team Snapshot can unlock valuable insights.


A GC Index® Team Snapshot Report is an overview of how everyone can best make an impact in the team, both individually and collectively. The purpose is to help align leaders and teams in a way that drives productivity and outcomes.

This high level insight shows how each individual makes an impact to the team relative to their ‘unique’ combination of The GC Index® proclivities:

Game Changer

The data can be used to understand the current level of performance and alignment in the team and identify areas and relationships that can be improved to create better outcomes. The power is in the questions that the team can ask and discuss from the data provided in order to have more impactful conversations aligned to business objectives.

The GC Index® data is broken down into four distinct views, each with a different focus.


The mix of leadership combinations within the team as an aggregate of the top two GC Index® scores of every individual.


An aggregate of the highest individual GC Index® scores with a focus on collective energy.



Using individual GC Index® scores of 6 and above this looks at unlocking potential to improve performance.


GC Index® scores of 7 and above are analysed to find the strengths and possible blind spots for the team.

An example of a team of 15 people who have all had their personalised GC Index® profile and 60-minute online review.

Team Profiles Example

The four focus areas are leadership combinations and impact (inclusive, potential and dominant). This data provides discussion points for the online group workshop covering areas such as decision-making, collaboration, communication, creativity & game-changing, implementation, strategic direction and learning & innovation.

Leadership Combinations Example
Inclusive Impact Example
Potential Impact Example
Dominant Impact Example

The first step is for the team leader to receive a complimentary personal GC Index® profile and one-to-one feedback session.

This provides not only a common language but also a greater understanding of how this can help with the team snapshot workshop.

All team members now receive a bespoke GC Index® profile and one-to-one feedback session.

This information is shared with the team leader and the data will be used to create the 4 focus areas of the team snapshot.

The online team snapshot workshop shared the data collected with time for the group to digest the individual and group profiles.

This will lead to a range of activities and discussions based on the requirements of the team leader and the other participants.

Your initial commitment is completely free of charge. We will provide a GC Index® profile for a nominated member of your staff. From there we are happy to have a no-obligation discussion about how we can help you find discover your team’s individual and group profile and its different areas of impact.

To find out more email jon@icenimastermind.org or book an online chat to discuss further. 

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