60% of employers, when asked, said they rate broader skills such as resilience, communication, and problem-solving among their top three priorities when recruiting.

Educating for the Modern World: CBI/Pearson Education and Skills Annual Report, (2018)

You have some decisions to make soon and that might fill you with excitement, dread, confusion or a combination of all three.

Go on to study at university, find your first job or even start your own business. Perhaps you already have a clear plan or maybe you are still keeping your options open.

Whatever choice you make, there are certain skills you will definitely need. They are called by a number of different names such as essential skills, transferable skills or 21st-century skills.

These skills and characteristics will help you in life – in your studies, your employability, your relationships.

If you would like to discover and develop these skills we would love you to join us, you need to do three things:

  • Check with your school or college that it is possible to enrol (you need an hour a week)
  • If they are happy for you to do that, ask them to contact us
  • Bring your enthusiasm and be ready to contribute fully
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