When people feel what they do is meaningful and their contribution is valued, they are more motivated and productive.

The best leaders appreciate the importance of having healthy, happy staff.

Our programme works with you to analyse and enhance the long-term wellbeing and mental health of everyone within the organisation.

A place that allows its people to thrive and flourish will itself benefit from its culture, creativity and credibility.



Wellbeing and Resilience

The data we gather is used to transform the levels of wellbeing for both individuals and teams. This includes one-to-ones and small group workshops to develop the essential skills of GUSTO (enthusiasm, motivation, curiosity), GRIT (resilience, stress management, goal setting) and GROWTH (mindset, confidence, adaptability).

Helping you to attract, develop and retain talent

Wellbeing investment

Reports from Deloitte show that the costs to employers in 2020-21 of staff suffering from poor mental health was £56 billion, with 61% of those leaving their jobs citing this as the primary reason for resigning. However, the same report suggests that for every £1 invested in staff mental health and wellbeing, employers see a return of at least £5.30.

While clearly there are philanthropic reasons for improving employees’ wellbeing as David McDaid from the London School of Economics has said, “What is clear is that there is a sound economic case for investing in effective preventative measures.”

Businesses that invest in wellbeing are more attractive to customers and potential job candidates, with greater employee loyalty and therefore, lower staff turnover.

Our assessment is four-fold, starting with an illuminating snapshot of wellbeing in your organisation. This informative survey is for all staff to highlight any areas for immediate consideration and future planning.

All employees you wish can take the GC Index®, with a one-to-one review for expert feedback. This outlines their individual proclivities and highlights the positive contribution they make, in addition to identifying new opportunities to capitalise on their unique potential for impact.

Following this, small team workshops provide an overview of a group’s collective energy such as inclusive, dominant and potential impact. This can be used to improve wellbeing by considering how the team can function individually and collaboratively.

Finally, we provide a CPD-accredited programme that includes a deeper awareness of mental health, effective stress management and resilience techniques, emotional intelligence and long-term strategies to support everyone’s wellbeing.

When wellbeing is improved, the benefits and impact are significant and include greater resilience, higher levels of engagement, creativity and productivity, reduced absences and also presenteeism, plus better retention rates.

Your people feel more satisfied and valued, with a greater ability to cope with day-to-day stresses, overcome problems and adapt successfully to changes.

It also sends out a very clear and positive message about your values and ethics that will help you attract and then retain the most talented people.

Companies that foster a positive employee experience are 21% more profitable and enjoy 37% higher sales than their competitors.

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Your initial commitment is completely free of charge. We are happy to have a no-obligation discussion about how we can help you deliver long-term mental health and wellbeing support for everyone in your organisation. For more details, you can email Jon or Lisa.

To find out more, why not book an online chat to discuss the possibilities?

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