“Talent is everywhere, opportunity is not…”



As a social enterprise, our mission is to help young people across the country and particularly in areas with low social mobility. We help them to become more self-aware of their strengths, develop the key skills they need in life and boost their belief in themselves.

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We work with many different types of organisations including:

Community Trusts


Charities working with young people



We can help your staff become accredited GCologists.

This will allow you to work with young people individually and in groups to provide them with GC Index® or Young People Index® reports.

You will be able to walk them through their unique profile, understanding their where their preferences and proclivities lie.

This in itself can enhance self-confidence and help find direction and purpose, but it is also invaluable for areas of additional training for them.


The GC Index® not only provides awareness of the individual but also of group dynamics.

The knowledge of the profiles can effectively be integrated into various training sessions such as future leader workshops.

Essential transferable skills can be developed, with examples including teamwork, leadership, communication, creativity and innovation, engagement and influencing.

When young people are able to practise and improve these skills it means they are better prepared for life.

Newcastle United Foundation is a GC Index® Partner and provides meaningful opportunities to improve the lives of thousands of children, teenagers, adults, families, and older generations. Through their education, sport, personal development, and well-being programmes, they help everyone to be more active, learn new skills and feel happier and healthier.

Whatever the size of your organisation, we can support you (and you don’t need to be a football club).

From Altrincham to Manchester City and from Newcastle to Yeovil, there are opportunities for charities, trusts and foundations to help young people level up their impact.

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