Success in life is about more than exam results and we can all make an impact on the world. The key is knowing where and how we can best make our own unique contribution. This knowledge comes from developing our self-awareness which builds confidence, belief and a sense of direction.

Young People Index example profile

“I really enjoyed doing the Young People Index®. It was interesting to see my profile and learn about how I can work best with other people.”


Help your child gain a unique understanding of their natural proclivities and preferences. These show where they can best make an impact and how they can use this knowledge in their studies and future career. This includes a full report and a one-to-one session with an accredited consultant.

It is important to note that the Young People Index® is not an academic assessment and nor is it a personality test. It is a method that measures personal impact and preferences.

“I found out that I’m a Polisher and I like that. It made sense.”


3 simple steps

STEP ONE: Once you have booked and sent contact details (name, age and email address) we will send a link. This goes to a set of online questions to answer. It is not a test, with no right or wrong answers and no need to prepare. These questions have been designed to discover your child’s preferences and energies and where they are most likely to make an impact. This will take 5 – 10 minutes to complete.

STEP TWO: When the questions have been completed and we have the results, we will send a Zoom link to provide a one-to-one feedback session with an accredited YPI® consultant.

STEP THREE: A 60-minute Zoom on a one-to-one basis.

The personalised report and preferences profile will be discussed. This will be linked to current studies and interests plus study and career ambitions. The session also provides an opportunity to raise self-awareness and think about their unique profile and the impact they can make. At the end of this session, the full report will be sent via email as a pdf.


By the end of the session, your child will have a greater awareness of their innate preferences and their unique profile scores as Game Changer, Strategist, Implementer, Polisher and PlayMaker. These insights will help them to discover their impact, understand their strengths and recognise any blind spots. This knowledge can help them not only on their academic journey but also in their career options and personal lives.

Game Changer

Total fees include:

A unique link to the initial STEN score analysis

Creation of personalised YPI® profile

Online one-to-one 60-minute session with an accredited GCologist




Young People Index

Many parents choose to combine the Young People Index with the IAP academic profile to provide a more rounded view of their child. You can find out more by clicking on this text.


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