Personal profile reports and bespoke individual feedback

Example profile

What’s included:

A unique link to the initial STEN score analysis

Creation of personalised YPI®/GC Index® profile

Online one-to-one 60-minute profile review with GCologist

  • The full Young People Index® profile report includes:
  • Introduction
  • Multi-dimensional leadership
  • Personal GC Index®/YPI® score
  • Personal feedback under:
    • having the greatest impact in a team, organisation or project
    • maximising your strengths
    • leading people
    • creativity and innovation
    • engaging and influencing
    • getting things done
    • thriving not surviving
    • the power of teamwork
  • Personal development: behaviours to manage and at their best
  • Role descriptions:
    • Game Changer
    • Strategist
    • Implementor
    • Polisher
    • Play Maker

Gusto, Grit & Growth Workshops

All programmes are for 2 hours (a total of 10 across 5 sessions) and for 12 – 24 students

  • Programme 1: Passion & Self-awareness
  • Programme 2: Teamwork & Values
  • Programme 3: Leadership & Context
  • Programme 4: Employability & Motivation
  • Programme 5: Planning & Mindset

The Gusto, Grit & Growth Workshop includes all 5 programmes + a bonus session for parental engagement (1 hour)

We have experience working online with people around the UK, Greece, Italy, Spain, Germany, Poland, Hungary and China. Our fees shown are for online delivery as we deliver the same high-value content and expertise. Plus we believe it is better for the environment, more cost-effective and time-efficient.

Of course, if you wish to discuss workshops at your location, this can be arranged. Workshop fees remain the same, but we will need to factor in additional time and costs for travel (by train in line with our environmental commitments) and, if necessary, overnight accommodation. Naturally, we would discuss and agree on these with you. For your reference, our starting point is Manchester. Please contact us to talk more about this option.

All our workshops are highly interactive and designed to be both beneficial and enjoyable. While our primary focus is on the UK, there are many projects worth celebrating from around the world.

The report below is from a GC Partner, Conscious Connections, in South Africa with details and feedback from one of their recent projects. The key outcomes are the “before and after” awareness and knowledge of the students.

Example Fees

Based on 12 students to include the following:

  • Initial GC Index® profile report and 60-minute personalised review for a senior leader
  • Personalised Young People Index® profile reports with an individual 60-minute review
  • Annual updated Young People Index® profile reports for all students up until the age of 18
  • A class profile providing an overview of the group with diagnostic reports
  • Access to the 10-hour Gusto, Grit & Growth workshop of 5 programmes
  • Certificate of attendance for all students
  • Parental engagement session

Example fees for the above: £2499

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