Why are you called ICENI Mastermind?

ICENI is an acronym for what we do and stands for Intelligent Conversation Events Network Initiative. Mastermind comes from the concept devised by Napoleon Hill of a peer-to-peer mentoring group.

Why are the events only online?

There are practical reasons as we deliver our events nationwide, so it makes sense logistically and financially. Also, in the modern world, it makes sense to utilise technology and increase the online skills of our participants.

What device is needed to access the events?

Ideally, a PC or laptop but it is perfectly possible from a tablet or smartphone. Participants need to be able to join a Zoom call and have access to their camera and microphone.

What can I do if I haven’t got one of these devices?

Contact us and we can explore the options. Perhaps your school or college can provide you with a device for an hour a week, perhaps you know someone who can lend you one. Talk to us as there is always a way.

I like the idea, but I am nervous. Is that normal?

Completely normal, but we are very approachable, and we understand this is a new experience. We will make sure you feel welcome, help with any questions you have, and you will soon feel part of the group.

What happens if I can’t attend an event?

Obviously, we want you to be there every time but sometimes life gets in the way. All we ask is that you email us to let us know you can’t make it. Our benchmark for attendance is 90%.

Our school/college can’t run the courses for the dates you show. What can we do?

Contact us and we can discuss alternatives. We would need a minimum of 8 students, but we can find a solution.

What time are the events?

When a school/college decides to enrol students, we offer a range of time slots during the normal working day. If none of these times proves convenient, we work with you (subject to a minimum of 8 students) to deliver the events out of hours.

I would like to support ICENI Mastermind, but your CSR levels don’t suit my circumstances. Are there other options?

Yes, of course, and we are very grateful for your interest. Please contact us for a completely confidential, no-obligation conversation.

How do you use the money ICENI Mastermind receives?

We are a social enterprise and we do not make a profit. It is a very transparent system in that all money received is used to deliver more events.

How is student progress assessed?

This isn’t a programme with a test at the end. We think students already have sufficient pressure on them when it comes to exams. Of course, we ask students for feedback, but they are not going to be judged via formal assessment. The events are there to benefit but also to be enjoyed.

Even after exploring the website and reading these FAQs, I still have questions. What can I do?

Contact us and we will do our best to help. We have tried to think of everything but if we have missed something, then we would love to know (and perhaps add it to the FAQs).

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