We work with you to help shape effective selection decisions.

Our insights provide differentiation, highlight the potential impact of shortlisted candidates and spark questions to explore at the final interview stages.

Our support for your shortlisted candidates includes a detailed profile with personalised one-to-one online feedback,  plus an understanding of their impact and how they might contribute to the role.

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Working with your unique needs, job description and person specification, we can establish a profile to meet the requirements of the role.

This can include the impact they would make within the current team dynamics and highlight which candidates are best suited to your vision.

We work with a range of businesses including educational institutions in the UK and internationally, insurance, reinsurance and risk sectors worldwide, plus, within the UK, charitable trusts and social enterprises. As we are a social enterprise ourselves, we use the profits from our commercial activities to fund our support for young people in areas identified as having low social mobility.

The first recommended step is for a nominated member of your staff to receive a complimentary personal GC Index® profile and one-to-one feedback session. This provides not only a common language but also a greater understanding of how this can help identify the candidate best suited to making the greatest positive impact on the role in question.


We then consult with you on the impact you are seeking. This is where we consider the balance of the 5 proclivities – Game Changer, Strategist, Implementer, Polisher and PlayMaker.

At this point, it is advantageous to have sight of any job description and person specification.


All shortlisted candidates now receive a bespoke GC Index® profile and one-to-one feedback session. This information is shared with you, along with suggestions on how each person can make an impact and possible areas that require further investigation. This adds a unique and revelatory layer to your decision-making process.

There is the option to provide profiles for all existing members of the team and this can prove useful. It can identify individual proclivities, the current dynamics of the group and also potential blind spots, using a Team Snapshot Report.


Your initial commitment is completely free of charge. We will provide a GC Index® profile for a nominated member of your staff. From there we are happy to have a no-obligation discussion about how we can help you find the best people for your business.

To find out more, why not book an online chat to discuss the possibilities?

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