Intelligent Conversation Events

These online 60-minute events have a maximum of 8 participants plus a facilitator. They always start with the group listening for 10 minutes to a pre-recorded video interview. The interviews cover a range of topics, with the speakers chosen for their expertise and/or passion for the subject. The remainder of the hour is then spent participating in intelligent conversation with everyone encouraged to contribute.

Through these structured discussions, students have the opportunity to discover and develop a wide range of skills and characteristics. These include critical and creative thinking, collaboration and communication, problem-solving, initiative, open-mindedness, curiosity and emotional intelligence. Themes and topics include resilience, mental health, time management, diversity and adopting a growth mindset.

With the support of the facilitator, these sessions act as mastermind groups. A group of peers who meet to offer each other advice and support and collective learning based on the development of essential transferable skills. These are not classes but events where everyone is expected to be honest, open and receptive.


Facilitators have enhanced DBS checks and are chosen for their ability to relate to students with an empathetic approach. A facilitator is there to act as a host for the activity. They welcome everyone, help with any issues and questions, manage the group to ensure everyone has their time to contribute, that there is a comfortable flow to the conversation and can also steer the direction if required. Of course, they must also ensure there is respect from all those involved, and the events are civilised, productive and a pleasure to experience.

We are a social enterprise and our events are heavily subsidised to make them as accessible as possible. They take place once a week and last for an hour. All events are online as we work nationally and this is a network of like-minded people from around the country.

ICENI = Intelligent Conversation Events Network Initiative

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