School Impact Map

In simple terms, the GC Index®, is a powerful tool that unleashes people to make their best impact.

Taken together, the GC Index® and Young People Index® empower teachers and young people to make the most of their time in education.

The awareness gained helps young people understand how they can best contribute to the future world of work and their personal development.

The GC Index®

The GC Index® doesn’t measure personality. Instead, it measures how individuals are driven to create an impact within a work environment. This is significant and relevant to senior leaders because it is:

Outcome and action orientated

Directly mapped to core activities

Optimised for ‘speed to impact’

A unifying lens to inform decisions

Scalable from a single leader to an organisation

The Young People Index®

The Young People Index®  is also powered by the GC Index® but is designed for young people between the age of 11 and 18.

Schools in the UK and other countries around the world are starting to use the GC Index® and Young People Index® for students, teachers and the schools themselves.

We work with innovative educational institutions that are keen to explore the possibilities created by our School Impact Maps.

School Impact Map

We are currently offering the school impact map free of charge to schools that would like to participate and learn more. The findings can help in areas such as quality of education provided, personal development, quality of leadership in and management of schools, school development plans and meeting Gatsby benchmarks.

A simple 3-step process


You send a spreadsheet of all the students and teachers that includes their name, email address and other information like class, year group, faculty, etc.


Each person is then sent an email inviting them to complete the Young People Index® or the GC Index®. This is an online exercise with 59 questions that are easy to complete and only takes 10 minutes.


Once the students and teachers have completed it, then we will produce a school impact map and take the SLT through the results in a 2-hour workshop.

School Impact Map
School Impact Map
GC Index proclivities
Constellation Group

We are delighted to work with the Constellation Group for consultancy work.

They provide schools, universities, students, families and businesses a single point of contact for a full range of education-related services in the UK and overseas.

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