As a non-profit organisation and social enterprise, we rely on the generosity of donors like you. Many young people in the UK live in financially challenging circumstances. Your donation will help our mission to support them in discovering their impact and developing the skills they need to be happy and successful.

This is particularly important in areas of low social mobility as part of the levelling-up process. A person’s opportunities should not be determined by where they were born, but statistics show that for many that remains the case.

If you believe that everyone deserves a chance in life, you can help today. These skills are, of course, just one part of the jigsaw. However, they can play a significant role in employability and how we approach life.

All donations help to provide Young People Index profile reviews and development courses for students who need them. Thank you if you can help.


Can you invest in a young person today?

Some young people live in challenging circumstances. As a social enterprise, we want to make sure that all of them can discover and develop essential skills. That means providing them with Young People Index profiles and training.

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