All 96 skills are defined and explained with questions for either self-reflection or group discussion. There are videos to watch, and quizzes plus an important aspect is the STAR element. This will enable you to create your own story, providing authentic examples of how you possess each skill. Here is an example looking at making decisions.

While you can, of course, just work straight through the course from start to finish, our recommendation would be to go through skill by skill carefully. The idea is to take the time to consider each one and relate it to your own life. Inevitably some will be of greater interest to you than others but try not to overlook the ones that may not grab your attention. They all have value.

If you are going through the course independently, you can use the questions for some honest self-reflection. Make sure you have understood each skill, and how it benefits you and consider ways you can work to develop it even further.

If you are working in a group, you can use these same questions to generate discussion of each skill and draw on the opinions and experiences of the people with you.

For each skill, you will find a section containing question stems loosely grouped into categories. These can be used as launchpads to create new questions for any skills if you want to extend the discussions or approach things from a different angle.

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