We help young people to gain self-awareness, self-confidence and a belief in the positive impact they can make in the world.

This is done using the GC Index® and Young People Index® which enables an individual to understand their own natural proclivities or preferences.

These show how they inherently make an impact in areas such as teamwork, leadership and creativity.

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Jon Crocker: Founder

Having worked in international education leadership roles over the last four decades, I founded ICENI to focus on my passion for developing transferable skills. My partnership and accreditation with the GC Index® and the Young People Index® have enabled us to increase the impact we can make.


We are a social enterprise with our mission being to support students from areas of low social mobility. It is our firm belief that all students deserve access to raising self-awareness, gaining transferable skills and having meaningful aspirations. At the moment, talent is everywhere but opportunity is not. It’s time that changed…

My GC Index profile is PlayMaker Gamechanger.

This means I work best when collaborating and finding original ways to do things better.

An excerpt from an online chat with The Conversationalists about the idea of having a mantra. Students were asked to consider how they would like to think of themselves and be perceived by others.

This developed into discussions around values and characteristics with each participant creating a 3-word personalised mantra. Plus many essential skills were naturally employed during the process.

Subsequent sessions worked on presentation techniques from initial planning and preparation, practice and presenting through to peer feedback.

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