ICENI Mastermind CIC is a social enterprise established to raise awareness of transferable skills and encourage their development.

We believe this is important because it is these skills that help to make someone not only more employable but also more capable of managing their lives.

For years, businesses have been conscious of the skills gap and there is no current indication that this issue has been resolved. It starts with young people being given the knowledge of the skills they are going to need to make their futures as successful as possible.

This also plays a role in the Government’s levelling up campaign. There are many, clearly identified areas within the UK that are cold spots in terms of social mobility. Large numbers of students within those areas simply do not have the networks and therefore, the access, to these transferable skills.

These places can suffer from a vicious circle of lacking a community with sufficient skills (both hard and soft) to encourage businesses to operate there. This subsequent lack of opportunity means young people have a choice of unfulfilling work, unemployment or leaving the place they grew up in. In all cases, the town and the community suffer.

A town with skilled workers attracts investment and encourages innovation. As people stay and create lives for themselves and their families, this, in turn, creates demand for better facilities and amenities such as a vibrant high street, good schools, access to culture and more green spaces.

The vicious circle becomes virtuous with a thriving town now a magnet for more skilled workers and more businesses to consider the area as home and become a hot spot for social mobility.

Levelling up doesn’t happen with the refurbishment of the local swimming pool or some short-term projects it is a combination of factors. One of those factors is giving people the skills to survive and thrive.

As a Community Interest Company (CIC) we reinvest all our profits back into the business to extend our reach with students throughout the country.

Created from the experience of decades in education management both within the UK and overseas, our emphasis is on the provision of soft skills development for those that need them most. This will enable them to acquire transferable skills for increased opportunities in life.

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